VU Stories

‘I feel safer in a prison than on the outside’

Marjolein de Jong14 September 2022
As a small boy, Toon Molleman saw his future in the prison service. For this reason, he pursued Policy Studies at VU Amsterdam.

‘I have learnt to press on when things get tough’

Marjolein de Jong14 September 2022
Rowan Blijd discusses topical issues as a media maker. Last week, the moving documentary, Silent Life about her stillborn son Amari, was released.

This alumnus fights food waste in the hospitality industry

Marjolein de Jong5 April 2022
Alumnus Olaf van der Veen uses a smart food waste monitor to fight against waste in the hospitality industry.

VU alumnus Jos Brils receives special Romanian distinction

Marjolein de Jong17 January 2021
Every month we focus on an alumnus who has made an outstanding achievement. This time an interview with Jos Brils.

'I traded business for television'

Marjolein de Jong30 October 2019
Sandra Ysbrandy had worked her way up the ladder at Rabobank, however she decided to set a radical new course for her career.

Susanne makes a living handling death

Marjolein de Jong5 September 2019
Susanne Duijvestein decided to make a radical career change and became a funeral director. Her mission? To change the world of funeral service.

1 study, 3 jobs: Philosophy

Eline Doldersum28 January 2019
There are now more than 107.000 VU alumni. Where did they end up after graduation?


9 July 2018
You might have thought that you were seeing double at UMC Amsterdam’s Alzheimer Centre. Approximately 50 pairs of identical twins came together.


Editorial31 May 2018
Guszti Eiben, known for the first baby robot to come from two robot parents, is looking to evolve robots into versions that clean up nuclear plants.

Erik Scherder: 'Stress at work is great!'

Rianne Lindhout17 December 2017
‘Stress is great! Stress is life-saving!’ With his characteristic, springy stride, Erik Scherder walks back and forth in the lecture hall.